Thursday, January 26, 2006

You may find this hard to believe, but this is a CHRISTMAS layout. But, of course, it is of my little princess, Anna, sporting her new hair jewels from Libby Lu's. I bought the jewel tool thing as an afterthought for her. I thought it was cute but not for the $25 they were asking. BUT I spent enough in there that I was eligible to buy is for only $5. LOVE a bargain and it is one of her favorite things!!!

Anyway, journaling reads:
I never would have guessed that Anna’s favorite Christmas gift from us would be the hair jewel tool from Libby Lu’s purchased as an afterthought because it was on sale. We have nicknamed it her “Bling Bling” and she has had a blast dolling herself up with jewels!

I used Doris Castle's Pink Frills quickpage and added the princess crown from her Little Princess kit and the alpha from her Paper Flowers kit!

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