Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sweet Sisters

This is a recent two page scrapbook layout.
My younger two daughters (My second oldest and my baby) got matching outfits for Christmas from their grandparents. The older one is in charge of dressing the younger in the morning and couldn't wait to put them on both of them. She actually jumped the gun and put them on for a bumming around the house day. Since I didn't want them to get abused on their first wearing I made them change, but had to snap these photos first because they looked so cute!

Journaling reads:
Anna & Abi received their first set of matching outfits for Christmas and couldn't wait to wear them! They both looked so sweet and I was reminded of when it was Elizabeth and Anna who liked to match. Gone are those days, but I am enjoying seeing both of you as loving and Sweet Sisters.

I hit some sort of scrapbooking wall when I was working on this. I had fun tweaking the photos. They aren't really great shots because I didn't bother to move the girls away from the changing table so it sits in the background. Oh well, I was in a hurry snapping them. I think by colorizing the photo and tinting it just a bit, the eye is distracted from that. I had no trouble finding some beautiful papers that looked like they were made for the colors of these photos. I used Doris Castle's Garden Walk kit ( A lot of the kit has greens which are lovely but didn't match as well, but their were several with the sepia tones and pinks alone. They are BEAUTIFUL! So there I sat with photos, papers and I could not arrange them in a pleasing way to save my life. I would even walk away from it hoping that when I came back I would see it with fresh eyes and have better luck. This went on for several days. I finally brought in the negative strip frame that I had created a while back using a tutorial from the PhotoShop CS Down & Dirty book. I ended up coming up with this and I think I am happy with it. Shoot, I am not even sure anymore, but it is time to put it to rest!

So, if you like it, let me know, but if you don't.....just don't say anything. Otherwise I will have the overwhelming impulse to do it all over again and spend massive amounts of time in total frustration over my inability to create a simple scrapbook page. ;-)

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