Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pee Wee Proverbs

This morning the kids and I were reading from the book of Proverbs. We got discussing them and I asked them if they had any of their own proverbs - words of wisdom.

This is what I got:

"Never go in Elizabeth's (big sister) bed." Anna, age 8

"Don't let he little kids in your bedroom."
"Don't jump on the bed or you will break your leg."
"Never surf down the stairs with a sled."
"Boy's have cooties and are weird; they are strange human beings from Mars." (This one should make her dad happy to hear. ;)
"Never make Anna laugh because she will never stop."
"Follow the 10 commandments."
Elizabeth. age 11.9

"Never, under any circumstances, hold a kitty by the neck."
"Don't eat too much syrup (even though it's good)."
"Always plan your slumber party."
"Don't keep you [library] books until they are overdue."
Anna, age 8

"Never jump on the stairs."
"Don't bonk your head."
"Don't put your hands in the holes or you get stuck."
Patrick, age 4

I thought they were cute. It would be fun to keep collecting these though the years. By the way, don't tell them I posted them here. I got a feeling they might not really appreciate it. Hmm...does that make me a bad mom? ;)

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