Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Alive!

Yup, I am still around. Life have been particularly full lately and I just haven't figured out how to make time for blog writing. I may be able to squeak in some time, but often my mind is so FULL of stuff that I can't put a coherent thought together.

Since I last posted, much has happened, but no more than usual, I suppose. My Anna had her 13th birthday so we have two teenagers in the house. For all the complaining that folks do about teenagers, they are not all bad. Maybe I am just lucky, but I love watching my girls grow into young women.

As you can see from the photo here, we experienced our first flood. We got over 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours. Our teeny weeny drainage ditch overflowed its banks and flooded our yard. Thankfully, our house stayed high and dry. Not all of our neighbors fared so well. The kids, however, thought it was cool. I was thankful for a break in the rain.

I have been very busy managing our apartments. It seems like I am spending more and more time lately one them. Time, I might add, that I don't feel like I have. Strangely though, God is showing me that this a sort of ministry that He has for me. I've arguing with Him about it, but I know it is a silly thing to argue with God. What's the point? We both know who is going to win. ;)

Then, of course, the kids' education continues. We don't take a summer break, but instead continue at a relaxed pace year round. I just started the oldest three on a new math curriculum.

I have also had a couple of graphic design projects that have kept me pretty busy. Both are volunteer work. One was the yearbook for our homeschool gym class and the other is a book and a video for a photography contest/exhibition at our old church.

Add in the cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else that must be done to keep a household running, and my plate is more than full right now. I keep thinking that if I could just figure out a way to give up sleep....