Monday, January 30, 2006

Wear Your Cake!

Here's a 2-pager I did of my daughter at a wedding about a week ago. We were joking that she paid too close of attention to the bride and groom who had smashed cake on all over each other's faces.

Journaling reads:
Abi began eating her cake at Eric (Barry’s co-worker) and Heidi’s wedding very tidy with a fork. But, it didn’t take long before her fingers found the plate and soon, she had abandoned the fork completely and was ramming huge handfuls of cake into her mouth. Perhaps she was paying closer attention than I thought to the bride and groom’s technique, because she ended up wearing about the same amount of icing on her face as they did when all was said and done!

The icing doodads are by Mo Jackson from her birthday cakes kit. The photo border is from Blair's Borders.

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momy4him said...

this layout is so cute! i love the story and the elements here!
ok. now you must tell me how to insert a header on my blog! i love what you have done here!
i can't seem to get mine as big as yours! please help me! lol