Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Competition

These photos really needed to have their story told in a scrapbook page.

I think the journaling really tells the story here.
Journaling reads:
I am not sure how it began. Every Christmas or so, one of these brothers would get the bug to do some creative, hard to get into wrapping usually involving copious amounts of tape and numerous boxes. I even recall the sewing machine being used at one time. This year Anjie asked me if Barry had done any “special” wrapping for Mark, because Mark had done some creative wrapping of his own and perhaps there should be a race to see who could unwrap their package first.Barry, fearing that he had stopped short in his efforts, was hesitant, but we persuaded him to take the challenge..Barry discovered his lovely looking gift covered in packing tape - even the bow. This however was not as much of a problem as the wood box that was screwed together with hex screws that had their heads stripped. As he sat contemplating how to break into such a gift, Mark was encountering some challenges of his own which included many layers of boxes and aluminum foil COMPLETELY covered in clear packing tape (which Barry claimed that the thought looked “pretty.”)
Mark was diligent in his efforts to break though the many layers. Meanwhile Barry, at a loss for how to proceed with his package, decided in his frustration to use brute strength to pull apart the box. This was successful and he was able to extract his gift just as Mark broke through his final layer.
In the end, we declared that the contest was a tie. Mark got to his cellphone car charger just as Barry pulled out his Stewie (Family Guy) DVD.I heard rumor that both boys were concocting plans for next year already. So, I expect this challenge will be revived next Christmas. Boys will be boys!!!

I used Doris Castle's Very Merry paper stack here. The frames around the photos are the flakey papers. I placed them over the photos and used a layer mask and a grungey brush to allow the photo to show through the middle (hope that makes sense). The alpha is from Doris' A Beautiful Day kit. The little runner clip is from Dover.

Thanks for looking and letting me share!

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Carla said...

That is so funny! What a cool tradition! Great page for your scrapbook! Happy 2006 T!