Thursday, January 26, 2006

Been Scrappin'

I have been busy scrappin' and have neglected to post these on the ol' blog here.

I did this one for the digi-scraplift challenge blog: I've really been enjoying this scraplifting thing. It's helping me get out of my scrappers block! The original LO I copied was by Shabby Miss Jenn called Two Boys.
I used a mix of Mo Jackson's doodads on this and the foam stamp action from atomic cupcake for the "6"

Journaling reads:
6 bibles. The first items moved into our new home were each of our 6 personal bibles. Since we have discussed from the beginning of our building process that this is “God’s house,” Barry thought it would be good to invite Him and His Word into our house first. So, on the evening that we got possession of the house, each of us brought our bibles with us as we unlocked the front door and officially entered into OUR new home. We talked with the kids about how we want to seek God FIRST in our lives here and we prayed. Then each of us placed our bible in our bedroom. Now, the rest of the move could begin!

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Carla said...

What a beautiful thing to do. Your children will be so grateful to you and your dh that you raised them putting God first! AWESOME lo too!