Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Country Livin'

I was born and raised a city girl, but my hubby has always been a country boy. Although his family never farmed, he has always lived out in the boonies nestled between the Indiana corn and bean fields. When we married, we lived in the city for several years. The whole time we did, he always talked about how he couldn't wait to move back out to the country where you can actually go out and see stars and the milky way at night. 7 years ago we got our chance when the farm right next to where he grew up (and where his folks still live) came up for auction. I wouldn't trade our location! It is beautiful! My 3 year old son has been fascinated with tractors and combines his whole life so this time of year is great for him. It is time to take in the beans and the combines are out in full force! Last Saturday, they were working in the field across the street and we got to meet the gentleman behind the wheel of the combine and just yesterday they were harvesting the field right behind us. Patrick and I walked out to watch the action and my oldest daughter had joined us. All of a sudden the combine stopped, backed up and the farmer got out and asked the kids if they wanted to ride along! They, of course, jumped at the chance and got to see first hand one aspect of what it is like to be a farmer. Elizabeth was impressed with the fancy GPS system that put up a map of what parts of the field had been harvested and what was left. Patrick was impressed with how fast the back of the combine filled up with soybeans. Anna just thought it was cool.

So, there's another reason that I am just lovin' the country livin'!

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