Tuesday, October 18, 2005


My son, Patrick, and my nephew (shown here with my oldest daughter) just cracked me up the other day when we were together to celebrate Patrick's birthday. I told them they couldn't touch the cake. Patrick had picked it out at Marsh's and it was pretty cool. Not only did it have two real toy monster trucks driving over two matchbox cars, and 4 little flags, but it had MOUNDS of icing all air brushed to look like hills, a dirt road and water. They had to muster up every ounce of self control they had to keep their hands off of it!!! So there they both sit with their chins on hands staring!

In case you are interested, the journaling reads: "Oh! The torment! What cruelty it is to tell two four year old boys NOT to touch the birthday cake. And not just any cake! This one has mounds painted icing hills driven on by two monster trucks! The anticipation is almost too much! Elizabeth, Patrick, & Max Oct. 16, 2005"

I wanted a clean simple layout with just the right accent and Mo Jackson's birthday candles (www.mojackson.com) were just right!

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