Thursday, June 01, 2006

Busy....and tired

Good morning! This morning I realized I have been kind of bad about my blog. I have posted, but not really put any real thoughts down. I guess things have been so busy lately that my thought are too jumbled in my head to write down coherently. But that's life. Part of the problem is that my stamina is just gone. Everyday I am tired and crave a nap and every evening I want to go to bed before that the dinner mess is even cleaned up. I have projects I am working on and I know that a couple of late nights working would make a world of difference in getting them done, but I just don't have the energy. Ugh! It's the pregnancy and the heat and the allergies all rolled up together doing it. Part of me wants to push myself more and part of me knows that this is a time I shouldn't. I'll tell you being pregnant with your 1st at the age of 24 is WAY different than being pregnant with your 5th at the age of 37! Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled. I am so excited about this little blessing! (I just wish I had more energy to be excited! :-)

I am working on a big project for my church assembling a photo book for a photo contest they are sponsoring. I enjoy it, but it is SO time consuming. I will be happy to have it done and the weight of it off of me. Of course, then I will have to jump onto the next project (and the next and the next.....) [sigh] I think I want a nap. :) But I am off to bible study and to take a friend out to lunch. Stuff I really don't have time for, but will enjoy so much I am making time for.

Oh by the way, the photo here was taken by my daughter, Elizabeth, a few weeks ago. I have been taking a couple of photography classes at the Digital Scrapbook University and as part of it, I learned about natural lighting and built a backdrop. I have been trying to share what I am learning with my daughter because she aspires to be a professional photographer. She caught this when we were having a spontaneous photo shoot. It is of me and my youngest (who STILL takes a pacifier when she is tired). Even though whe I look at it I see myself as looking old tired and scroungy (which I was that day!), I still love what was captured.

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Carla said...

WONDERFUL photo! She has a wonderful eye. You're beautiful. It looks like the most wonderful mommy in the world holding her precious gift. Tell your dd to go for her dreams, and keep snappin' those photos! TFS!