Monday, June 26, 2006

Yay! It worked!

I finally got a photo to post. Here's one of my newest pages. These are photos from the zoo a couple of weeks ago. My son loves this part of the zoo. We call it the frog pond and it's a shallow little splash pond with these big toads that the kids love to climb on. All the kids have fun here, but I think Patrick loves it the most.

Journaling reads:
Patrick, you begged to visit the frog pond at the zoo and immediately stripped off your shoes and shirt. I teasingly told you not to get wet, but of course, you knew I was kidding!6-14-06

I did this using one of Doris Castle's new page sets called Little Fish which should be available soon. SO much fun! There are all kinds of neat glittery goodies in this one.

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