Monday, May 29, 2006

This an older photo that I never got around to scrappin'. It was taken over 2 years ago (4-4-04) and it's of my youngest daughter, Abi, at 5 months and my nephew at 8 months. They are both sleeping peacefully in their infant carriers. They have certainly changed quite a bit in 2 years and can't say that we have ever managed to actually get them to go to sleep in the same room since that time. Ü

This was created with a kit called Baby Love from Cottage Arts.


Cardee said...

Great photo! They are so sweet when they're asleep like that! My kids are still horrible about getting to sleep. They never took naps when they were little, and they still don't! LOL!

Cardee said...
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Cardee said...

I deleted the first comment because I double posted! Just in case you were wondering! LOL!