Friday, June 23, 2006


Well, it's late and I should be sleeping, but although my body is tired, my brain is restless. I hate that. Pregnancy hormones could be contributing to this, too. Who knows.

It's been a frustrating day. As diligent as I have been about eating the right foods and even measuring them to make sure they are in the right quantities, my blood sugar levels are running a bit high. I guess I am going to have to cut back on the carbs I've been allotted. [sigh] I really miss eating until I feel full. I went to prepare dinner tonight, but realized that the only meat I had in the house was a leftover chicken. Normally, this would not be a big deal. I had intended to debone it and create a casserole. But when I was considering what to use, I realized that the bulk of it would have to be carbs. I got frustrated trying to figure out what portion I would be able to have and realized that I wouldn't have enough protein to make me feel even remotely full. I ended up shoving it all back in the fridge and calling my sweet hubby who brought home something I knew I could have from a local restaurant.
I have another appointment with the diabetic counselor tomorrow. I hope she can help because my fear is that if I can't get my blood sugar down, I will have to start taking insulin. I just keep remembering what my doctor told me when I was pregnant with number 2 and had gestational diabetes which was that she had never seen a pregnant mom who had to take insulin whose baby didn't end up in the NICU when it was born. I'm praying that I can get this under control with just my diet.

Anyway-changing the promised, here is my "award winning" photograph that placed 2nd in the Photos of Faith contest. It is titled Perseverance because this little ol' dandelion is the only that persevered enough to thrive in the dirt I call my front yard. Just as the dandelion must persevere in tough circumstances, we too must persevere. But Jesus promises to give us His peace. If there are any other photographer geeks out there who may be interested, this photo was taken using my Canon 20d, 50mm prime lens, f1.8, 1/8000 sec, ISO 200. Thanks for letting me share!

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Carla said...

First off! GREAT photo for the theme word. Awesome photo essay. I'm a photographer geek, and I know that you had your lens wide open, and that there was TONS of light because there was such a quick shutter speed. I've learned little bits and pieces about photography over the last year, and I'm just THRILLED when I see the specs of a photo, and I actually understand what it means now. I have that 50mm lens. It takes really great photos, and this winning photo proves it. GREAT JOB!

I'll be praying for you about the blood sugar. I know it's scary, but God is with you, and he'll get you both through it. I have no doubt about that.