Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Throwin' myself a pity party

It's official. I have gestational diabetes. I am not surprised because I have had it with most of my other pregnancies, too. I had it with my first and second babies, assumed I would have it with my third and watched my diet and checked my sugars before I was ever tested. Then the test came back that I was ok. Probably because I had been so good and disciplined, but by that time I had pretty good habits. With number four, I didn't worry about it at all and my glucose test was fine. I was told that I didn't have to worry about the diabetes. BUT, she was over two pounds larger than any of my other babies. Makes me suspect that I just squeaked by on my glucose test and I should have been watching my sugars. I was told that if you have gestational diabetes once, you will probably have it with all of your pregnancies.

About a month ago, a good friend gave me a blood glucose meter so I could check my blood sugar. My levels were a little high. When I took my glucose test last week (where they make you drink a glucose solution, wait an hour, and take your blood to check how your body dealt with it), I was borderline for gestational diabetes. Because of my history and other symptoms, my doc decided to have me go ahead and keep track of my blood sugar and watch my diet. I went to diabetes counseling (which I realized I had not done since my first baby 13 years ago). I am a little irritated with my insurance company because when I went to pick up test strips for my blood glucose meter at the pharmacy, I was told that they would not cover strips for the brand meter I have. Of course, this is at 4:30 pm on a Friday, so I don't have time to get this ironed out before the weekend. I did call them yesterday and they will pay for a new meter for me, though. But I am still trying to make this happen and haven't been able to check my blood sugar since Sunday morning. I should be checking it 4 times a day.

So, I am throwing myself a pity party - mourning the loss of the goodies that my sweet tooth craves. I know it is for the best. My desire is for a healthy AVERAGE size baby and I will do whatever I can to make that happen.

BTW, the picture I just threw in there because blog entries seem so drab without one. My daughter took this photo of her waffle the other morning because she liked how it looked. As for me that is one of those foods I will have to limit myself on and totally avoid the syrup (unless it is sugar free!)

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Carla said...

I'm so sorry T! Coming from a total sweet tooth junkie, I can only imagine what a bummer this is. Take care of yourself, and I'm sure everything will be just fine! I'll keep you and your little one in my prayers.