Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I just got an e-mail telling me that *I* am being spotlighted on Disc Talk Radio. How cool is that?!? They are featuring my Doris Castle's Whispers Album and chose to highlight my Rachel Smiles page using it. Scroll down to see it; I just posted it here last week. According to the show, they fell in love with the Whispers Album because they saw it used on MY layout. How FUN! The show is free to listen to, but you do have to register at the site. Check it out!

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Cardee said...

SO AWESOME!!!!! What a thrill. You deserve it, you're so talented. I haven't been able to check out blogs in the longest time. Just checkin' in. I posted a whole bunch of photos on my blog from my cousin's wedding. I know you love photos, so check them out! Hope all is well!