Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just one more page...

I should be SO relaxed [see post below]. I just had to sneak in one more page before I jump into my day full force. Luckily, this one went pretty quick for me. I have changed my method of organizing my photos and along wth that, I am getting into the habit of "tweaking" them in groups. This is because I have started shooting in RAW format and every photo I want to use has to be converted. The advantage to this is that when I am in the mood to scrap, I have a bunch of photos sorted into monthly folders that are completely ready to go. Before I would have to hunt a photo I wanted to use and do all of my photoshop tweaks before I could even start scrappin. This took much longer and I would often run out of time before the page was complete. I think I like this system much better and here is a page I got done fast to prove it. Credits for the layout can be found here.

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