Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Belated Easter!

I guess it really doesn't matter that my Easter well-wishes are a day after Easter because really I think Easter should be celebrated EVERY day of the year. What Christ did on Easter has got to be the single most important thing that has happened in the history of mankind. He conquered death! By doing so we, too, get to cheat death. He took the punishment that was due to us for our wrongs upon Himself. It is an amazing thing to consider!

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating yesterday! We sure did although I went to bed saying to Barry that holidays can be just plain exhausting.

We were all up too late on Saturday night because we got a late start on dinner, egg coloring and baths. All of my children were still awake at nearly 11pm! Then we were all up at 7 am to get ready for church because I was performing in our church's Easter cantata bright and early at 1st service 9as well as 3rd service). There was no time for Easter baskets or hunting for eggs. We were at church the entire morning until 12:30.

Then we were off to my parents' house for a wonderful lunch. We did have some time to just relax and just visit there. Then we were off to Barry's parents' house to have dinner with them along with my brother-in-law's family. This, perhaps, would not be considered quite as relaxing. Imagine this situation, all of my 5 kids were shorted sleep the night before, had been on the go all day long, and had not had naps. I believe that my little ones having completely run out of their own steam, were at this point 100% fueled by the Easter sugar rush. Then imagine adding to the mix 3 more little boys (my nephews) AND rockets. Yes, you read that right. Rockets. Grandma and Grandpa got Patrick, Abi, and my 5 and 3 year old nephews these really cool rocket launchers for Easter gifts. To describe them they are plastic and fit on an air tube that will shoot them 35 feet according to the package. They were put to the test in Grandma and Grandpa's basement. I think they DO shoot that far! There were several near calamities and Uncle Mark nearly got his eye shot out before it was decided to put the rockets up.

When we finally got home, it was after 9pm. although it was past their bedtime, we let them check out their Easter baskets from us and check to see if the Easter Bunny had come to hide any eggs. We had a talk with the Bunny several years ago and told him not to hide the real eggs because we are usually gone all day on Easter and rotten eggs don't make for a fun egg hunt. Usually he hides plastic eggs filled with various candies, but this year he got clever and hid foil wrapped chocolate eggs. I believe that there were well over 100 for the kids to find. You should have seen them. Before I could even get into the house the kids were yelling, "There's tons of candy eggs and they're EVERYWHERE!" It was too cute!

Then it was off to bed for my little peeps. I have a feeling that they won't stir any too early this morning and that is just fine by me. I am hoping that they can catch back up a little on their sleep.

The scrapbook page here includes pictures from our church's annual Easter Fest that took place on Saturday which included crafts, stories and, of course, and egg hunt.
Journaling reads:
The day of our church’s annual EasterFest dawned COLD and SNOWY. I don’t think that it mattered a bit to you three. I took Anna, Patrick, & Abi to the event. First, you made crafts and ate cookies and jelly beans. Then some of the youth did a short presentation about the symbolism of the jelly bean colors. This was followed by the main event - the egg hunt! Due to the weather the eggs were hidden inside. Last was the favorite part when you got to empty out your eggs and discover all your loot!

This scrapbook page was created with Irene Brown's Pastel Pleasures kit from Scrap Outside the Box. I love the florals in this kit! The colors are great and I like how they are a bit shabby and distressed.

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