Friday, April 06, 2007

My morning

Even though this blog is titled, "Trish's Day" I probably don't post all that many little details of my days. I guess I figure it would just bore anyone else. But today, I just have to talk about my morning.

It started at 7:20am. I overslept [sigh]. I like to be up bright and early to have some time to myself while the house is still quiet. That means I should be up around 6:00, 6:30am at the latest. I was still sleeping at 7:20, but was aroused when I realized something was up. That something was a curly headed little girl who had her face 2" from mine. I greeted Abi with a smile and as she was making her way under my covers, my son, Patrick, crept into the bed, too. Because it is a physical impossibility for two small children in the same proximity to be quiet, it wasn't long before they had wakened Baby Rachel who had been asleep in the bassinet next to me. I brought her into the bed to feed her. The more the merrier, right? All of this was an effective alarm clock for my hubby and he got up giving us more room. This extra room was just an invitation for Patrick and Abi to decide to do a show for Rachel and I right there on the bed. There as singing and dancing and, of course, no way that I was getting Rachel back to sleep at this point.

I got up and took her into the bathroom with me. I keep a boppy pillow and a couple of toys in there for her. It used to be, that I would put her on her tummy on the pillow and she would play there contented for a good 10 minutes while I got ready. Today, I turned around and saw that she was no longer on the boppy, but was still on her tummy a full foot away and turned completely around. Ugh! MOBILITY! Gone are the days where I could sit her down somewhere and expect that she will stay there. Fast approaching are the days where a constant eye needs to be on her to protect her from whatever she may find to get into. I LOVE seeing her grow from a helpless little newborn. It is such a joy to see her cute little personality emerge. She responds when you talk to her and she plays. It is so cute! But if I am honest, I have to admit that I desire to hold her back. I was joking the other day about how maybe we shouldn't give her so much floor time. Perhaps if we kept her on our laps more or in the exersaucer we could delay the crawling and the inevitable MOBILITY.

While I was considering that future chaos, as if on cue, Abi came running through my bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of socks! She was followed by her brother who was at least wearing a pair of Bob the Builder undies with his socks. Rachel was thoroughly amused and I had to just stop and laugh! Chaos is just an unavoidable part of my life right now with 5 children under our roof. All that I can hope to do is try to reign it in and laugh.

So, my morning has not started off as I would ideally have it, but I have decided to find Joy in the chaos. May you find Joy in your chaos today, too!


Sara E said...

oh yea...enjoy every little bit....they grow and change sooooooo fast!!!!!!!

soooo....scrap scrap scrap :)

MandaKay said...

So glad that you found joy in the chaos - that is all we can do!!!