Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Her SMILE makes me SMILE

Maybe it is just me. I mean I AM her mom and that makes me biased, but I just can't look at that little smile without smiling myself. My little Rachel is getting such a personality. These are photos from when we were at the park a couple of weeks ago. Rachel was just hanging out in the stroller with us and I decided to catch a couple of photos of her. All I needed to do was talk to to her just a bit to get a grin. She is a ham at 6 months old!
It's another busy week. Too much to do in too little time - the story of my life! Of special note, Rachel is getting baptized this Sunday. It's her "official" introduction to God. But I know that they are already well aquainted - this is just a formality.
Credits for this layout can be found here.

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rachel said...

Ok...I'm a lil biased because I'm a Rachel too....but that is one incredibly gorgeous baby! And this is one incredibly gorgeous layout!

do me a favor? List this in the "Best of 2007" thingie at digishoptalk forums in the "nominate yourself for best layout" category that it fits in best? This is just stunning!!!

And every lil bit of love and adoration comes thru on this page!