Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm crazy!

I just started 2 new blogs this morning!

Really they are more for me than anyone else.
The first is called Scrappin' Sparks. It is a place to store any inspirational quotes and such that I like. Often I will be creating a scrapbook page and think, "I need a great quote for this." Now, instead of searching the web, I will have a little stash of favorite quotes on my own site. I thought perhaps someone else might enjoy it, too.

The next is called Page Patterns which is what I call my scrapbook sketches and templates. I thought it would be fun to periodically post some of these ideas and share them.

I will warn you. Both of these sites are about as generic as you can get. [boring blogger templates] But I hope that in time they will build up to be a cool resource.

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