Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reviving the art of one handed scrappin'

So what do you do when you have to feed a hungry baby and want to be efficient with your time? You do it in front of the computer and scrap one handed!

This first layout was really fun to do with Betsy Tuma's Aa to Zz PSD Templates which are on sale right now at Scrap Outside the Box. I may just have to do an entire album with these templates. They are so EASY to use!
Layout Credits:
Betsy Tuma's Aa to Zz templates
Papers by Doris Castle
Mo Jackson's Crepe Paper flowers
Mo's Charm alpha
Mo's Betsy's bath - old tag
Mo's Designer DooDad labels

The tag at the bottom reads:
meaning little ewe; one with purity
Little label reads:
2 days old

The top photo is of Rachel laying all cozy in my hospital bed and the bottom photo is of her dressed and ready to come home from the hospital.

This other layout is of Rachel's first bath at home. Yeah, she wasn't lovin' it! My daughter snapped these photos. I just love what she captured in the main one. So pitiful!

Journaling reads:
Rachel's very first bath happened shortly after her birth and took place in the hospital nursery. She got her first bath at home when she was 5 days old. Since she is not a fan of even being undressed for a diaper change, it was no surprise when she began to holler about being naked AND wet. Poor thing! We made the ordeal a quick one and she settled as soon as she was covered in her wrap-me-up hooded towel.
October 1, 2006

Layout Credits:
Backgrounds, ribbon trim, duckies, tub charm are from Mo Jackson's Betsy's Bath
Letter "b" from Mo's Caroline.
Stitches from Mo's Stitches One.
Water splashes are my own (from Splash City.)

Rachel has been a great baby so far! She only fusses when she is hungry and when I change her diaper. Although she eats like clockwork even through the night, she doesn't keep me awake any longer than it takes her to eat. As for myself, I am not supposed to drive at all this week which has forced me to cancel appointments and just stay home. It has been great and allowed me to rest. I was able to avoid the c-section and had a regular delivery so my recovery has been relatively easy. I am SO thankful for that!

My little ones have not been the best behaved since I came home from the hospital, but they are adjusting and everyone adores Rachel. My older girls argue over whose turn it is to hold her. Patrick doesn't pay much attention to her at all and Abi just loves to talk to her and "pet" her. Now, if I could just get Abi to stop wetting her pants, I would be a happy camper. I know it is common for toddlers to have potty training issues when a new baby comes into the house, but this is the first time I have experienced it first hand. I have cleaned quite a bit of pee off the living room carpet in the last few days. [sigh] I just hope this passes soon.


momy4him said...

oh trish!! she's here! and so beautiful too! congratulations mama!

Anonymous said...

She's is beautiful!!! Just like her mom!

Love ya! L