Friday, October 06, 2006

Well, here I sit typing one handed while feeding baby Rachel. You would swear she has a built in alarm clock that tells her that it has been exactly two hours since her last feed. I really can't complain though, because she has been a very good dispositioned baby. It probably doesn't hurt that she gets no shortage of attention around here.

Yesterday, she had her first doctor's visit. Obviously she is eating well because at 9 days old, she has already gained 8 ounces and grown 3/4". Yay! She actually SLEPT through her entire exam with the doc! He poked her, listened to her and looked her all over, but she was just a sleeping rag doll. She didn't ever wake up when he pried her eyes open and shined a light into them. After he was done and I was getting her dressed, she opened her eyes and looked at me like "did I just miss something?" Too funny!

I am trying to get myself back into some sort of routine with the baby, the house, the kids and the schooling. I have a long way to go! This week has just flown by! Hopefully next week will be a little better. I have had it pretty easy this week because I was not supposed to drive and had to say no to stuff and cancel appointments. It has been SO NICE just being home. It is making me think that I really need to limit the running around that I usually do. That can be tough with managing our apartments, though. Perhaps I need to have just a couple of days that I leave the house and fiercely guard my other days at home. The other great thing this week has been that my "peeps" from bible study have been bringing me dinner every night. That has been SO GREAT! Although I have been teasing them that I am never gonna lose the baby weight because they are feeding me too well! Good friends are such a blessing!

I managed to put this layout together rather quickly the other day. This is Doris Castle's newest kit called Sweet Decadence and she included a couple of quickpages with it. It was so pretty and I immediately thought of this photo when I saw it. My daughter snapped this wonderful photo of my mom holding Rachel for the first time. Isn't it great?

With all this eating that baby Rachel is doing, maybe I will get a jump start on her baby book!

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