Friday, October 13, 2006

Is this it?

When it comes to having a new baby, there are many ways it affects a family and there are many things to think about. I have have decided that there is a VAST difference between a man and a woman's brain here. As for me, I am concentrating on how I can get back into a routine of managing our home, teaching the kids, and gaining back a bit of normalcy all while tending to a baby who wishes to be cuddled 24/7. My hubby, on the other hand, is obsessing over our family vehicle. His concern is warranted. We currently have a minivan which we love. It is supposed to hold 7 passengers. I believe that for that to be possible, at least 3 of them would have to be diminutive elves that do not require car seats. We have packed all 7 of us into the van and it is quite a feat just to get everyone smashed in and buckled. That back seat really wasn't designed for 3 people, especially in car seats. [sigh] So the hunt is on for a larger vehicle. My husband is fighting the big van. This is reminiscent of when we first started looking at minivans right after we had children. He thought he was too cool for one of those, too. Eventually the convenience factor won out and we got one. Well, it is time to move up again, but question is to what. I am pretty convinced that the big 12 passenger van is the best choice, but my man is stll holding out hope for 8 passenger Yukon XL. I just keep praying for wisdom (and perhaps a large chunk of money to drop from the sky) to know what the right decision is. This photo is one that is in the running right now. A local dealer just got this one in. Perhaps we can take it out for a drive with all of the kids loaded in it today.

Anyway, my brain is so full today! I finally got baby Rachel asleep on my lap and I am going to try and lay her down and be more productive,

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momy4him said...

well take it from me, with 6 kids to lug around, and then will need a big van for the then some!!!
we have this exact van!! this one may be newer, but it;s a chevy express and i was apprehensive at first because it looked soooo massive! but i love it now and all of the space it gives us.
at the moment, we have taken out the last row and i love the extra storage for strollers and soccer gear, and luggage for trips! we had a family of four visit with us over the summer and it was so nice to be able to go places all together, so it really does seat 12 people comfortably. anyway, i am biased since i have this van, but you NEED this van! lol