Friday, August 04, 2006

Ride Time!

I have had this fun kit completed for weeks, but life has been so busy that I have not had the time to actually get it into the store. I had a blast creating this kit! It started out to be my contribution to the Scrap Outside the Box July mega kit called Summer Destinations, but I got totally carried away, so I decided to create a whole separate scrappin' set.

When I was researching ideas for this kit, I was intrigued by the Tilt-A-Whirl signs. They always had that same distinctive look to them. So I decided to create one for myself. And since some might not have fond memories of what a ride like that can do to a stomach, I also created a "Hurl-A-Whirl" sign, too. There are MANY more signs included, too, that are reminiscent of the amusement park.

My oldest daughter and hubby are going with our church's youth group to Cedar Point on Monday and I plan on sending a disposable camera so I get some fun shots to use with this set. It has been ages since we have gone to an amusement park as a complete family. It seems that whenever the opportunity presents itself, I am "on the nest" and have to stay home with the little ones. Oh well - I won't be pregnant forever! Thanks for letting me share!


Cardee said...

Awesome kit! I'm so amazed at how so many of you can make elements. I have NO TALENT in that department!

ymA said...


I saw this in the store and thought how CUTE!