Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Timeless Beauty

I needed some sit down time this afternoon and decided to do some scrappin'. I began with the idea of doing a TOTALLY different looking page, but after I played with this picture in PhotoShop, I decided to go for a very different look. I like the timeless quality of the photo here.

The journaling reads:

Abigail, I am amazed at what a beautiful girl you are even at your young age of two. Often I look at a photo like this one and think that it could be mistaken for a photo of a long ago ancestor taken decades before. You have a beauty that transcends time.

I used one of my own kits called the Carpet Bagger Scrappin' Set. It is actually one of my very first kits I ever created.

Off, the subject, I had a doctor's appointment for the baby today. I only have 6 weeks to my due date and all is looking well. Baby seems to be the right size - big enough, but not too big that I can't do a VBAC. Doc asked me if I was getting nervous about what not knowing what type of delivery I would have. I am hoping not to have to do another c-section just because the recover stinks, but I am not really worried. I figure it is all in God's hands anyway, right? Now, I will be going to the doc weekly. Baby time is really starting to feel close. Yay! I can't wait to meet this little lady!

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Carla said...

Awesome photo! Glad you got good news from the doctor. Yep-it's all in God's hands my friend! No better place to be!