Friday, August 11, 2006

You're A-maze-ing

Yes, I know, it's a corny play on words - but I couldn't resist this title for this mini kit. I thought it was perfect for this photo. This was a shot I took in out make-shift basement studio a few months ago. I told the kids to sit back to back and this is what I got - Abi looking adoringly at her big brother, Patrick. This is really a great picture to represent their relationship right now.

Journaling reads:
You can’t mistake it. Abi adores you, Patrick. Whatever you do, she wants to do, too. She loves you, looks up to you and admires you as her wonderful, big brother. There’s no doubt about it, Abi thinks
You're A-maze-ing

Speaking of studio shots. I got the bug yesterday to take some maternity shots of myself. I figure that if I keep procrastinating, I'll end up having the baby and never do it! My parents had taken my older two to a movie and my little two were napping, so I had a few moments to myself. What a mistake! I have a remote for my camera, but it is not long enough, so I had to use the timer. What I discovered is that if I set the camera up when I am behind it, it meters the backdrop and focuses there. So, when I step in front of it, everything is wrong. I end up being overexposed and blurry! Eventually I figured out how to overcome this and got a couple of decent shots, but I think I want to try it again with my daughter behind the camera. I still want to get some shots with all of the kids anyway. I'll have to post what I got later.

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