Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Big Belly

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Ok, I am trying to post this again...

As promised, here I am in all of my BIGness!

Would you believe it took me five babies before I ever made a real attempt to take a decent maternity shot? I think with my last one, I had one of my daughter snap a quick shot of me in the bathroom right around my due date (and I think part of my head was cut off!).

I often see these beautiful pregnant shots of people and think "Ugh! Why can't *I* look that good pregnant?" I opted NOT to do the bare belly - just couldn't bring myself to do it. Between the stretch marks and bruises from the insulin shots, it is just NOT a pretty sight right now. I would have had to do some major Photoshopping of them if they were to ever be seen by anyone else! [grin]

I decided to make the photo soft and pretty by using a Virtual Photographer filter on it. I used a black and white one called "Diffuse." To bring some of the pink back into the photo, I placed it in a layer over my original, applied a layer mask to it and used a soft round brush at a low opacity to paint some of the original photo back in. (Let me know if that doesn't make sense and you want to know more.)


momy4him said...

this is a beautiful photo trish!! you look fabulous!

Cardee said...

You pulled it off Trish! You are BEE-U-TI-FUL in this photo. Love the softness, and the pastel colors! TFS!

erica922 said...

you look gorgeous and that belly looks a boy to me lol lol lol lol
tfs your pic

Kori said...

You look beautiful! I would never do a bare belly either, I never even thought to do that! I didn't get my belly shot until I was in actual labor and leaving for the hospital! I love the coloration you did, very lovely!