Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Good Friends

Two of my very old friends and I took a cooking class at Williams Sonoma last night. My friend Wendy and I signed us up as a birthday gift for my friend, Laura (pictured on the left). The class title was "A Night in Florence." I use the term cooking "class" EXTREMELY loosely! We expected a cooking class. You know where we would be taught how to cook several recipes. Cooking demonstration would have been a more appropriate term. The store has a very nice kitchen right in the center of it and we all had chairs to sit around and watch. The gentleman "teaching" the class was soft spoken and told us very little about what he was doing and why. We learned mostly about his difficulties finding the specific ingredients for his recipes in our town. The recipes chosen were from a Williams Sonoma cookbook and listed specific products to be used, but he informed us that because the book was a couple of years old, they no longer carried these products. It ended up being a very expensive dinner of small samples. (Sigh) A slightly disappointing experience to say the least. We could have learned more by staying at home and watching Food Network! The saving grace of the evening was that I got to spend a rare evening with two great friends!
After our class we kidnapped my friend, Wendy (pictured on the right) and took her out for dessert at a nearby Italian restaurant to celebrate her birthday which is Saturday. On our way to our cars, we discovered this giant Superman in the window of Sharper Image. For a mere $5000 he could be yours!!!

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momy4him said...

lol! sorry the cooking lesson was a bust, but you still had fun with your friends and that is always a good thing...
the sharper image- they sometimes sell the weirdest things in that store!