Friday, April 29, 2005

ToothFairy Guild

Is it possible to get thrown out of the Tooth Fairy Guild? If so, the little fairy responsible for our household is in jeopardy of being tossed out right along with her male assistant! These two have got to be the most incompetent fairies in existence. Their record has been tarnished by totally forgetting to look for teeth under pillows, falling asleep before children who have lost teeth and most recently, the inability to even LOCATE a tooth under a pillow. (sigh) After this most recent fiasco the other night, my daughter, Anna, sadly informed me that the Tooth Fairy had forgotten to come. As she said it, she motioned to the sweet little baggie containing the prize tooth that she had even wrapped a pink scrunchy around to make it look like a pretty bow. It was sitting smack dab on top of her throw pillow on her bed next to her regular pillow. I quickly covered for our incompetent tooth fairies by telling her that she lost it so late in the evening that the tooth fairy probably didn't get notification of the tooth early enough to come that evening - a believable story that seemed to make sense to her. Then, I have it under good authority that our tooth fairies FORGOT all about it the following evening. Fortunately, the one woke up early and remembered in time to complete the sneaky exchange of tooth for Susan B. Anthony dollar just as the sun was rising.

But this is NOT the first time this has happened. Anna's older sister, Elizabeth, has actually had her tooth forgotten for days on end until she finally gave up. When she lost her next tooth she carefully placed both teeth under her pillow. Fortunately, our dear fairies came through with a wad of bonus cash to make up for their indiscretions.

I suppose there are many excuses that can be made for our Tooth Fairies. They have to work really hard hunting for well hidden teeth. Our children often lay awake quite late in their beds making surreptitious tooth snatching quite difficult. But, they had really better get their act together or I really fear what sad disappointment awaits our other two children when they reach that stepping stone in their life of losing teeth. I overheard the our male fairy commenting to his associate that he really feels that there needs to be a new system. Perhaps a more obvious location for teeth exchanges. I don't know - I certainly hope they can get their act together, and soon!

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