Thursday, April 21, 2005


Today I went to my Mom's bible study at church. We have just begun the study of Nehemiah who returned to Jerusalem to oversee it's rebuilding after it had lain in ruin. What is amazing is that a bunch of moms in Indiana living in the year 2005 can learn something from reading about a man living in the middle east thousands of years ago. Guess that's the magic of the bible! What really stood out to us today was the way Nehemiah went about his task. He began with prayer, planned out what he was going to do, and then was bold in his actions with the assurance that he was following what God had called him to do. We decided that we should all follow this plan:
1. Prayer
2. Planning
3. Boldness

How many times do I spend tons of time planning but neglect the others. I skip praying, therefore I am doing things "my way" instead of God's way, therefore I do not have boldness and assurance in my actions. Planning has to be the middle of a big ol' PPB sandwich - it needs to be surrounded by prayer and boldness to yield fruit.
So as I pack my hubby's PB & J each morning, I need to remember my PPB sandwich for myself as I meditate on my own plans for the day.

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