Saturday, April 30, 2005

BathTime Joy!

We have a new sense of bathtime joy in our house. Up until a couple of months ago bathtime was always lots of fun for my wee ones. Patrick and Abigail usually bathe together and have a ball. But that all changed after one slip in the tub. At least I think that is what caused the shrieks of terror that came from my baby girl whenever she got near the bathtub. One day I went to put her in the tub and she freaked. I vaguely recall that she took a little spill at the end of her last bath, but I really didn't think too much of it. I mean every child slips on occasion and take s plunge under the water. It happened and I comforted her. For the past few months every bath has been misery. Abi screams no matter what I do to comfort her. I have tried using the bath seat, and even taking her into the shower with me and holding her. It was so sad. She was TERRIFIED! She finally got to the point that she would play with Patrick from outside the tub, but if I made any motion to put her in, too, she would scream and run away. Last Monday, I went to give my little ones a bath and was prepared to make it quick for my little lady. As usual, when she saw my wet hand from testing the water temperature, she whined and ran away. I chased her down and plopped her into the tub and she only whined then got distracted with the tub toys and Patrick. The only time she screamed was when Patrick poured water even though it wasn't onto her.

This morning, I gave them both a bath and Happy Bathtime Abigail had officially returned! I am SO happy! She only cried when I made her get out. Woohoo!

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TheKytiKat said...

so glad to hear happy bath times have returned! Both of my kids (ds4, and dd2) went through that(not at the same though.... but both around 18 months - 2 years), with no real apparent reason. One day they loved bath, the next day they hate it. almost 6 months of them running and screaming away, then one day, it's perfectly fine again. Who knows? I'm definatly not looking forward to it with my youngest (ds4mos) but I know it'll happen eventually... *S*