Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pizza Picnic

What could be a finer way to spend a Sunday evening sharing a meal with family? Sundays are traditionally family day. After church, all of you cousins along with your aunts, uncles, moms , dads and grandparents spend the day hanging out together at Grandma and Grandpa Richhart's house. Sometimes we even decide to do dinner together. This week there was Papa John's pizza and you little ones got to picnic on the family room floor on this tablecloth that has probably been around since your daddies were your age. The babies thought it was such a treat because they were not required to be confined to their high chairs on this occasion.

Elements used to create this scrapbook page are by my friend, Mo. They are from her Vintage 60s kit and Gingham Buttons and Bows kit. Both are from Posted by Hello

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LeeAndra said...

What a fun idea!! :)

love, me <><