Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am thankful for this sweet little baby boy nursing at my breast. Thankful that he is who he is, that he is healthy, and that he can be nourished so easily this way. Thankful that I don't need to purchase bottles and formula. Breastfeeding costs me nothing but... my time.

Time feels like a precious commodity right now. So much of mine is spent caring for this littlest child of mine who loves to eat very frequently. Of course what goes in must come out so there are multitudes of diapers each day. I feel like nearly ALL of my time day and night is spent with him in arms. And while he is in arms, I am still one-handedly caring for the needs of the rest of my family as best as I can, wiping noses, refereeing childish battles, helping with schoolwork, cooking, and to minimal extent cleaning. I spend so much time sitting and nursing my little guy that I still have some time left over to scrapbook, which I am thankful for, as well.

Here are some of the fruits of this nursing time:

Although you can't really see it on the computer, there is journaling over the left side of the photo.

It reads:

It was love at first sight when Elizabeth gets to hold her new baby brother, Samuel on the day he was born She was hesitant to give him up and let someone else have a turn with him. February fourth, two thousand and nine.

Credits for this page can be found here.

This one was taken the day before Samuel was born and I was 9 days past due. Credits for this page can be found here.

Samuel has fallen asleep in my arms and I am going to try to lay him down and fix breakfast for the rest of my family and maybe sneak in a shower (I hope).

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Thriftin and Craftin said...

Beautiful layouts Trish-Love the journaling over the photo, and the great paper colors too!