Friday, February 06, 2009

Well, I am currently experiencing the joys of a 2am feeding. I decided to pop online as I fed Samuel so I didn't fall asleep. My daughter took our camera home and downloaded some of our photos and posted them on her blog. I snagged them so I could show them off as well.

First is the before photo. Her I am with some of the kids on Tuesday. I was getting ready to head out to my doctor's appointment and had realized that I had not made an effort to get any decent pregnancy photos. So, I had Elizabeth snap a few.

Fast forward about 24 hours and you are up to this next one. Elizabeth snapped this photo of me introducing Samuel to all of his siblings.

Here is Abi and I with him. Abi has determined that she is "going to be mom when I grow up."

Here is one I took of my oldest with my youngest. They are 15 years apart in age.

Anna, Abi and Baby Samuel.

Here I am helping Abi, "the little mama," hold Samuel herself.

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erica922 said...

wow so many congratulations to you and your gorgeous new baby and to all of your beautiful babies you are so blessed my dear friend and i am soooooooooooooo happy for you
hugs and xoxo