Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life with Baby Update

No news is good news, right? Sorry, I have been a bit quiet on the ol' blog. As you can imagine life has been a bit busy since we brought baby Samuel home. Even though he is a really good baby, he LOVES to eat frequently which takes quite a bit of my time. I still have not got my routine adjusted to accommodate this.

I did manage to create a couple of baby announcements. This was accomplished by creative multitasking while I nursed Samuel. I figure if I have to sit to feed him, I may as well also use that time to create, too.

I couldn't really decide what I wanted, so I made two versions. I think the top one is my favorite, though. Credits for each one can be found here and here.

I also have some other photos to share. These were all take on Samuel's 6th day.




IMG_2089 copy 2

IMG_2083 copy 3

This last photo I used to create this scrapbook page:

Sleeping Samuel

Credits fr this page can be found here.

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Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

Oh Trish these photos are just too much! I love that little back and the face peeking out from the blanket, they are all just amazing, of course it really helps you have such a beautiful baby as well!