Sunday, April 20, 2008

Posting a couple of pages

I'm up a bit late trying to get a few things done. Right now I am waiting for some bread I just baked for a bake sale at church tomorrow to cool enough to wrap up. So, I thought I would post these layouts I have done in the past couple of days.

Today Patrick and Abi had their first soccer game of the season. It was Abi's first ever since this is her first year to play. They were so cute and excited. Here are a couple of photos of Patrick. He scored TWO GOALS. Last year he barely touched the ball, now he is actually scoring. Credits for this page can be found here.

Last week was my daughter, Anna's, birthday. Here is a page showing off our tradition of serving the birthday child breakfast in bed. Credits for this page can be found here.

I'm off to check my bread and go to bed...

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