Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Barely keeping my head above water

Life has been crazy for the last couple of weeks (as you could probably guess from the lack of blog posting). Since my last post, I have celebrated my birthday and Easter, run the day to day rat race, battled lice and did my taxes. Whew! When I can find the time I will be scrapbooking about the week unlike any other which started on a high note - very busy, but good. Then, after a great time visiting with friends over chocolate cake, I came home to discover that my daughter had lice. A LOT of them. I raced to Wal-Mart for lice treatment and ended up getting pulled over by a cop. Whoops! Luckily, he felt sorry for me and just gave me a warning. Then the fun really began. I was up until 2 am de-lousing my daughter and doing laundry. My washing machine ran for nearly a week straight as I began the process of washing all the bedding, towels, and clothing that had been exposed to those little buggers. I vacuumed everything in sight and spent 7 hours a day nitpicking my children's heads. It was exhausting. The thing that really helped the most was slathering the head of everyone that we found a louse on with mayonnaise and leaving it on overnight. (4 out of the 7 in our family were affected.) The mayo sufficates the lice and we haven't had a live one since. After we got through that, I realized that I had my appointment with our accountant to get our taxes done and I had not gathered a single bit of information. Filing and financial oragnization are not my strengths, so this is always a big deal for me. Now that we are through all of this, I hope I can take a breather. We still have a lot going on, but hopefully nothing major for a while.

When I was desperate to de-stress, I did do a couple of scrapbook pages I'll share with you.

Here is one of my daughter, Abi, taken last summer during a nap time. I always tell my kids to "sleep sweet." I even have a little "Sleep Sweet" song I sing to the littlest ones. It started about a year ago with my baby, but Abi now always asks me to sing it to her, too. So, when I was going through some older photos, this one made me think of the song. Credits for the page can be found here.

Here is one of my oldest daughter. I don't get too many good photos of Elizabeth. She is majorly camera shy. Most photos of her are blurry from the fact that she is trying to escape the lens and consist of the back of her head or the palm of her hand. On this day, there must have been a bit of magic in the air, because she actually posed and semi smiled. Don't you love her hat and the fact that she is holding her wii controller? I think the fact that she was playing wii must have distracted her from hiding her face from the camera. Credits for this one can be found here.

Last but not least...I did this recipe page. The recipe for homemade mayonnaise can be found in an earlier blog post. I have been periodically scrapbooking recipes that I use. I hope to one day put them together into my very own cookbook for myself. Credits for this one can be found here.

I am really hoping to sneak a little more scrapping time in soon. It is so thereputic for me when I am feeling stressed.

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Thriftin and Craftin said...

Oh my gosh T, you've been through a lot lately! I'm so sorry! I hope those yukky buggies are far, far away from your home now. I hope you can scrapbook away soon. Thanks for the post about your aunt that quilts. I only have one more square to go. Good or bad, I did it. Just have to put the binding on now, and I kind of like that. Gives me something to do while watching TV! Take care!