Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carving out "REST"

I had an excellent time last weekend at my women's retreat. The theme was "Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate, Recommit" which was perfect after the kind of week I had. This week is even busier, but I am trying really hard to remember that God has promised rest for his children and I am seeking to carve it out in my day wherever I can. Some days it is really tough. Yesterday, I had to be on the go from 10:00am until after 9:00pm. Iam, without a doubt, NOT a person who thrives on busy-ness. I need quiet days at home following a basic schedule. I need to have the time to keep my home somewhat in order, to plan meals AND have the time to cook them.

Well, as I have mentioned before, scrapbooking is a wonderful creative release that I get rejuvenated from. Yesterday, I was up early and was able sneak in a little time in the morning after doing some bible study to scrap a page.

I just got an e-mail about this fun kit that is a collaboration between Doris Castle and Dianne Rigdon over at Scrapbook Graphics. It is so fun and springy and playful. So, I was itching to play with it. I took these photos of my kids playing in this giant box full of packing peanuts. Luckily they are biodegradable so I could sit them on the back porch (not making a mess IN the house) and not have to worry about littering them all over the yard. They dissolved the first time it rained! Credits for the page can be found here. The box was from my Wheat Montana order. I got a grain mill for my birthday and ordered 50 lbs. of chemical free wheat berries to have on hand.

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