Monday, April 14, 2008

Allergy tests and ice cream

Well, we are surviving. We have been lice free for over two days - yay! I did, however find several eggs on Abi's head this evening at bathtime which I diligently removed. Vigilance and diligence must be the name of the game for beating these little buggers. I am daily checking heads. Hopefully, if there have been any missed eggs, I will find the bugs before they mature enough to lay more eggs and thus break the cycle. I pray.

In other news, Patrick has been through his second round of allergy testing. Poor guy. When I told him that his "foods testing" was coming up, he got all excited. I think he thought it was just going to be having a mini feast. I had to burst his bubble and inform him that it would be just like before with the 100 or so holes in his back and shots down his arms. [sigh] But he survived and we were releived to find out that he has no severe allergies to foods only minor ones and we do not have to limit his diet. This includes nuts! This is so wonderful! I am still having him take it slow and watching him closely just to be safe. The scrapbook page is from the day of Patrick's testing. We discovered that Zestos, a local ice cream shop, is open for the season - a sign of spring. I treated Patrick to a little cone for being such a brave boy. Credits for the page can be found here.

As you can see in the photo, Patrick has his perpetual dark circles under his eyes. He may not have bad food allergies, but his inhalent allergies are terrible. We were disappointed to find out that along with nearly everything that grows, dust, and mold, he is allergic to dogs and cats. We have 2 cats in the house. The doc, thankfully, is not advocating getting rid of them. Whew! But because his he can't ever get away from the things that bother him, he is suggesting allergy shots. So, we started those for him which means that he gets shots twice a week for 6 weeks and once a week for 10 weeks after that. Then he is at his maintenance level and only gets a shot every 3 weeks. This is going to be a pain, but if he can be better by the Fall when he suffers the most, I will be happy.

Well, that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about the saga of our lives. I am off to bed as soon as my bread that is in the oven gets done. Sleep sweet!

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