Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oh to have more TIME (and energy)

Well our Christmas festivities are over and my brain feels like mush. In typical Trish fashion, I left too much stuff to do at the last minute (i.e. WRAPPING a bazillion gifts) and it totally wiped me and took away from my celebration of Christ's birthday. I have vowed that next year will be better and I am starting earlier. I suppose it will help that next year I won't have a time-consuming infant in the house either. Even still, I did enjoy our Christmas and I think my family did, too.

I am embarrassed to admit that I have a few Christmas cards left to address and mail. There are TWELVE days of Christmas, right?

Off the subject, I was surfing a bit this morning and discovered this fun looking project. I think it would be a great project to do with the kids we could use up fabrics scraps we already have in the house.

It also reminded me of this site I saw the other day. Makes me want to "go yo-yo." She even has a really great tutorial on her site on how to make these.

Oh to have more time!

Wishing you a productive day (wishing it for myself, too)!

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