Monday, December 11, 2006

Ack! Monday!

Here it is - Monday morning! There is so much to do that I don't even know where to begin. I need to clear my head and start making some lists so that I can get on top of all there is to do this week.

I did do a little scrappin' I think a little scrappin' is good for the soul. I need a bit of creative release for my sanity! These pages are are pretty simple because they are both done with quickpages from Doris Castle. This first one is from her Everyday Wonders Album. I think this is my all time favorite from Doris so far. I love the mauve and brown. It has always been a favorite color combo for me. This kit has such sweet details from newsprint to glitter! The "M" cards are my own from my Antiquated Alpha Cards.

This second layout is also done using a quickpage from Doris. This one is from the Gathering Hearts collection which I think was a limited edition kit from ScrapArtist. It is BEAUTIFUL isn't it? This is a photo of my mom holding Rachel until she is fast asleep. Isn't it sweet? This was also taken on Thanksgiving day. I used a Virtual Photographer filter on the photo to soften it and give it this unique color in one fast step.

I am off now to make my TO DO list and see what I can get done today!

Have a great one!

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Carla said...

Great Trish!

I like the way you included "real life" shots where she's cranky too! Too cute! Love the colors, especially the blue and sepia!