Friday, December 15, 2006

The Christmas shot

We FINALLY shot our Christmas card photo this evening in my makeshift basement studio. They more I try to shoot photos at home like this, the more I realize that I truly DO NOT know what I am doing when it comes to studio photography! Natural light is just SO much easier. But I am pleased that we got a relatively decent shot of all of us. We just couldn't get baby Rachel to keep her head up, though. I am amazed that we even got this. The toddlers were totally wound up and bouncing off the walls. Abi would get so excited watching the little light on the camera flash for the time delay that she kept throwing her arms of into the air and saying "yay!" That wouldn't have been so bad except her hands were always blocking someone's face. Oh well, it is a huge weight off of me to have this done!

We have lots of festivities this weekend to get gifts ready and wrapped for along with food to prepare. It will be fun, but I am sure that I will be quite wiped by Monday! Have a great weekend!

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Carla said...

What a great photo! I'm impressed. It's so hard to get everyone to look at the same time. You're such a GORGEOUS bunch! Merry Christmas!