Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The joy of a sleeping baby!

It is kind of ironic that I am posting this layout now. You see, I am typing this one-handed with a fussy NOT SLEEPING baby Rachel in the other. At least I got to experience the wonderful peace of a sleeping baby this afternoon when I snapped this.

I was able to put this layout together quickly using a quickpage from Doris Castle's Sweet Baby Album. Boy, these quickpages are SUCH a blessing for a busy mom!

By the way, Rachel is officially 6 weeks old (as of 8pm tomorrow). Time flies! And it hasn't ALL been fun, but it all has been a joy! Her siblings seem to have all adjusted to her presence in our home. Even Abi has stopped peeing on the floor and is using the potty consistently once again. Yay!

Speaking of Abi, as of last Saturday night, she is sleeping in her big girl bed. She threw a stink about being in her crib and Barry let her be in the bed. We have tried this before, but she wouldn't STAY in bed. She has decided she dislikes her crib and the threat of putting her back in there has worked wonders. She is doing GREAT and she looks so sweet in that big bed. I am dying to snap a picture of her sleeping there, but haven't wanted to turn on lights to get the shot and risk waking her. I may just have to stage a photo and get her to pretend to sleep. How else am I going to be able to scrap this momentous occasion?

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