Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeling quirky?

I was when I created this fun little deck of cards. I gave them a worn, antique flavor, but I wanted them to be just a little fun and offbeat, too. They are neutral enough that they will go with a variety of kits and layouts. Shoot, they could easily be colorized to match just about anything. I think they would be really fun to print out and used on an altered art type project

My 5 year old son, Patrick, saw these on the screen and was completely taken by them. He is totally into his alphabet and phonics right now. What a blessing! My first two children were so NOT like this and teaching them to read was painfully slow for all of us. Patrick is such a refreshing joy in this area! I may just print him out a set to play with!

Oh, and they are on sale just like everything else in my store this week!

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