Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I realize Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I was too busy celebrating and spending time with family to pop onto the computer until today.

My folks came over and brought tons of yummy food! My mom and I split the menu, but she always takes the lion's share of the work. Which is quite alright because she and my dad are wonderful cooks! We feasted and visited and even played Dance Dance Revolution on the Playstation (had to do something to work off all that food!).

At the last minute, we realized that we hadn't taken a family photo! So with Anna already in her nightgown right before Mom and Dad left, we plopped everyone down for a couple of shots. They all got impatient with me while I fiddled with my camera and I was wishing we had done this when there was some extra daylight as I really hated to have to use the flash. For you camera geeks, I bumped up the ISO to compensate, so this can out a bit noisy and grainy. But I am happy to have a big family photo of us all.

I put this layout together using my new Thankful Tree Scrappin' set and Paper Pack. I couldn't wait to use it! I have several other layouts in the works with it, too.

Hope you all had a great holiday and didn't eat too much. No one is probably reading this because you are all out shopping! As for me, I plan to stay home and do some decorating.

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