Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Our church did this really cool thing this year. Before lent, they made up 50 (for each day of Lent including weekends)blank crosses and called for members to volunteer to take one and decorate it as the Spirit led. These crosses were then lined up outside the church to create a "Crosswalk." On each one was a Lenten devotional. They look beautiful all together and it is fun to see how others were moved to decorate their crosses. Our family did one. If you want to look for it in the slideshow above, it is the one that has many faces on it along with cartoon bubbles saying Hebrews 9:26 which talks about Christ being one sacrifice for many. Then there are smaller cartoon bubbles saying things like "This was for me."

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Carla said...

That is so awesome Trish! It must be such a beautiful display with all of the bright colors. I love the way you placed them all in this moving slideshow. Makes me feel like I got to see this beautiful tribute in real life!