Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Still here

Life is still busy and I am still around. My two older girls are acting in a skit for a 4-H talent contest. There have been numerous practices and plenty of time spent hunting for costumes. If I stop by a local costume shop on our way to dress rehearsal and pick up some spray for Elizabeth's blond hair, I think I will be done. They are doing an original return to Mayberry skit. Elizabeth is playing Clara, and Anna is a 4-Her. It is really cute and they have been working very hard. Anna is the crying girl in the left picture and Elizabeth is the girl in yellow on the left in the second picture. The actual performance is on Friday and then hopefully things around here will feel a bit more settled.

Sadly, I will miss it because I had already committed to a church women's retreat. But I will have seen MANY practices and the dress rehearsal which is this afternoon and the girls are ok with that.

Today, I hope to get caught up on some housework and office work before we have to leave. My allergies have been going CRAZY and my ears and sinuses are so full of pressure. I have been exhausted with extreme headaches. I needed to figure out if I could safely take some of the allergy meds that I had on hand without harming the baby. I found this site last night which is very helpful. I found I could take what I had, but had forgotten how loopy a full dose makes me feel. Hopefully, I am not typing gibberish here because my brain is rather spacey this morning.

Well, that is probably enough rambling for now...

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