Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Morning Cozy

This is a photo my oldest daughter took of my middle two children playing my son's Leapster in bed together. I thought it looked SO warm and cozy of the two of them.

Journaling reads:
I know I should really be unhappy with you both for dawdling in bed in the morning when you know you have chores to do. But,when I look at a photo like this that captures such a precious moment between the two of you cuddled up in bed together playing, my heart just melts and I am SO happy for this bond you have as brother and sister. March 3, 2006

I used Doris Castle's Mirabella kit for this. I thought the warm, soft colors suited this photo well. I used a lot of blending modes and brush work to get this effect. The alpha is Doris' Mad Stamper Alpha. Their names were done in my handwriting with a Wacom pen and tablet.

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hi trish! how are you feeling?