Monday, July 18, 2005

What a Weekend!

This week is the county 4-H fair which means that this past weekend was when all of the children's projects were due. Every year, I say that we are not going to procrastinate, but every year, we are down to the very last minutes getting projects completed. My poor 11 year old daughter, Elizabeth (pictured here) was up until 2am both Friday and Saturday nights to get her things done. Just assembling the posters seemed to take forever! It was worth it, though! Elizabeth got Champion for her Child Development project (pictured here) and she gets to take it to the state fair. Can you see that snazzy photoshop work on those pictures on her poster? I taught her how to colorize her photos so they are back and white and only the playdough was in color. I think that may have been what really impressed the judge. She also got Reserve Champion for her Beginner Black and White Photography, Honors for her Beginner Color Photography, and Blue ribbons for both her Basic Craft and Foods projects. We were not able to hang around yesterday for her Cake Decorating to be judged so she doesn't know those results yet. That's because my mother-in-law was throwing a baby shower for an out of town cousin. Besides attending this, Elizabeth and I were commissioned to decorate the double sheet cake for it. Because of our busy schedule this weekend, that cake was not completed until Saturday night at 10pm and then Elizabeth needed to decorate her cake for her 4-H project. Not the ideal timing, but what can you do?

Elizabeth wasn't the only one entering projects this year. My 8 year old, Anna, completed two projects in the Mini division. She entered some artwork in Mini Crafts and some clay sculptures in Mini Models. Mini projects are not judged and merely get a participation ribbon. She can't wait until next year when she is old enough to do some "real" projects. My 3 year old, Patrick, is old enough to be classified as a Cloverbud 4-Her and even entered some of his play dough pieces. Kinda fun!

Now, we can relax a bit and clean up our messy house from all these projects!

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