Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sweet Cheeks!

Oh to be young and your only care in the world is whether or not your siblings are getting to do something fun that you are missing out on. What a joy to not have to worry about the fact that your swimsuit keeps riding up exposing half of your bum!

The kids and I had a great time at the Lake on Friday! The weather was perfect! Once we were there, I realized that my poor kids had not been to a pool or lake all summer for some real swimming because we have so busy. They made up for lost time! Even Abi decided that she was a little fish and loved the water. She took MANY near spills into the water off of this pier. Perhaps I should have let her fall in just once, because she had no healthy fear of coming too close to the edge and taking a spill. But I didn't.

Abi's swimsuit just would not stay in place, so she walked around most of the day showing off at least one sweet cheek. So, I just had to take a picture - she's gonna hate me when she's a bit older!

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